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When you choose us, you gain immediate access to our highly skilled SAP Teams who are proficient in the SAP suite of business applications and who have extensive experience gained through many customer projects.

We offer a consistency of commitment to quality and integrity, and are truly knowledgeable SAP resources. Leveraging many years of SAP specific market knowledge and experience, we provide top quality, cost-effective SAP staffing solutions to our customers. We at AGC carefully distinguish ourselves from others agencies by remaining totally focused on SAP. We understand the intricacies of our client's needs with respect to knowledge and technical capabilities, making sure we recognize the details of the specialized skill required.

We offer our support in offering right resources with a high level of SAP expertise that you may need. From SAP applications support, programmers and functional consultants to project managers, and support the complete spectrum of technical specialties.

Contract Staffing
Find the Right IT Contractor for your Business

Access AGC�s skilled consultants to achieve business advantages through technology - while enjoying cost savings, flexible resource deployment, and immediate productivity. AGC provides SAP Staffing expertise to meet your organization�s immediate, contract-based needs.

Permanent Placement
Save time and costs, access a higher level of candidates

Finding the direct-hire SAP candidates to fill your technical needs as well as satisfy your organizational requirements can be a daunting task in today�s competitive environment. So AGC SAP staffing services can help you save time and costs by allowing you to focus on your core competencies while we take care of extensive pre-qualification of candidates and position requirements.

AGC�S professional SAP recruiters can provide you with the competitive advantage of a larger pool of exceptional candidates who would be otherwise unavailable through traditional sources. We have developed an extensive proprietary network of extremely well-qualified candidates, many who may currently be successfully employed but searching for an opportunity like your organization offers.

Clients enjoy successful placements and increased retention through AGC�S proven SAP recruiting and search methodology that matches on both skill and company culture. Our SAP recruiters use specialized interview methods and multi-layered reference techniques to select candidates that meet your specific requirements. Our professional placement and SAP staffing services can be delivered on a contingent or retained search model according to your needs.

Access the industry�s top SAP talent � then make them your own.

Contract-to-hire services give you the opportunity to assess the performance of SAP employees and determine their suitability for the position and your organization before making a hiring commitment.

You enjoy access to the skill and experience of consultants � with the potential for making them permanent members of your team. You can convert consultants to core positions at your company following satisfaction of conditions that often include a specified waiting period.

The contract-to-hire process takes into full consideration the consultant�s potential for the transition from contract to direct hire with your company, ensuring the needs and desires of both parties are properly aligned.

Post Implementation Support

Organizations realize that managing their SAP run businesses seamlessly well beyond SAP implementation project may be challenging. Successful support environments require following:

Optimum Return on Investments: Organizations are looking for cost effective ways to maintain their SAP systems and achieve maximum from their SAP investments

Efficiency- Quick resolution of users raised issues is the key to business continuity Effectiveness- Long term solutions to the issues along with faster problem solving of production issues

Support Models

Our various service offerings in terms of engagement models enable you to select the right level of support services to meet the needs of your application support team and your business users. These models have been designed specifically for different business requirements.

All the models offer following common features.
  • Configurable
  • SLA Driven methodology
  • Quality checks
  • Documentation
  • Project Management( reporting, reviews, escalations)
You have flexibility to select the most suitable model for your support environment from these models. Each model has some unique feature and advantage-
  • Shared Service Support desk- An experienced shared service helpdesk team provides benefits of reduced cost of ownership. This service is available for normal business hours.

  • 24x7 Support desk- 24x7 support services via a team of experienced domain specialists to keep your system running at peak efficiency resulting in streamlined processes, more satisfied users and a positive bottom-line.

  • Dedicated support desk - Efficient support services via a dedicated onsite team( Front office) along with dedicated/shared offsite team( Back office) for critical business operations

  • Ticket based support- Cost effective support services for a stable environment with predictable number of tickets

  • Process Support- Support services for specific SAP technical or functional modules for mature business environments

SAP Training

Our SAP training solutions are designed with SAP clients and Consultants in mind. We offer SAP training at the following level:

� Configuration Level Training,
� SAP Project Team Training,
� END User Level Training

All our Courses can be delivered onsite at our training centres or at SAP Clients' sites. We currently deliver most of our courses through our classrooms, and simultaneously online through our instructor-led Virtual Class. At all stages of training, we've made sure to take into consideration cost and ease of attendance. All our SAP Training classes are delivered with superior and thoroughly market-tested technologies, guaranteed to be of cutting-edge quality. We offer access to live SAP systems to all of our clients and students for hands-on practice. We also offer complete training materials and documentation, ensuring that you face no additional costs and can simply get straight to your studies. Our SAP Training classes are scheduled carefully to ensure complete accessibility regardless of your location. For your current SAP training schedule for both Classroom Training and Online Training, We also offer tailor-made courses for companies and individuals looking for the best SAP training solutions.

ABAP and SAP development services:

A pool of dedicated SAP Consultants, ABAP programmers and SAP Support experts create custom business applications for (materials management and financial and management accounting) growth and development of your company.
AGC�S ABAP programming for SAP projects and third-party applications integration with SAP. Our ABAP development expertise includes all areas of RICE (Reports, Interfaces, Conversions and Extensions) development.
  • Project management
  • SAP/ABAP consulting
  • SAP Consulting Services
  • SAP Netweaver Development
  • ABAP programming
  • ABAP code optimization
  • Applications porting to SAP J2EE
  • Business Application Development
  • ABAP/4 Code Optimization
  • ABAP software development
  • ABAP consulting and support
  • Workflow Integration
Take advantages of ABAP development by AGC:
  • Professional approach to SAP applications development
  • Mature experience in SAP consulting and development
  • Latest ABAP technologies using for customer projects
  • A team with broad ABAP and complementary technologies proficiency
  • Cost efficiency and return on SAP investments for our clients
  • SAP Data Entry
  • Custom reports and interface development
  • Conversions and Enhancements
  • SAP applications testing

SAP Data Entry
Enter SAP data using HTML, forms, and Microsoft products

Wide-ranging effects of SAP data entry processes

Entering SAP master data or transactional data is a vital business function for all departments to keep operations running smoothly. Some simple examples of SAP data entry include new- hire actions in HR, new purchase orders or contracts in procurement, new materials and new sales orders in supply chain, and new assets in finance.

Creating SAP data records from Excel

Enabling workers to use Excel to create new SAP master data and transactional data can lead to improved efficiencies in a business. With minimal training, Excel users can create single or multiple records from a single transaction or a chain of transactions. In most companies, data that users need to create in SAP may already exist in Excel. SAP enables users to easily load these records into SAP. �Business users can customize Excel spreadsheets to create easy-to-use and familiar�yet sophisticated�SAP data entry forms.

Benefits of Working with us:
  • Cost effective services and solutions
  • Dedicated team of highly experienced professionals assisting recruitments
  • Team that best understand your requirements
  • High quality services
  • Committed team with quick turnaround time
  • Reliability for a long term business relationship

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