Temporary Placement
AGC Infotech is geared to supply staff to you at short notice to fill in for:
  • Emergency situations such as staff being on sick leave
  • Staff on annual leave
  • Staff on maternity leave
  • Assistance in abnormal workloads
  • Long term assignments

We are also able to provide specialised skills for projects or fixed term contracts. Our extensive database of temporary candidates include such skill sets as
  • Project Managers and Support Staff
  • Management Staff (Marketing, Financial, HR)
  • Human Resources Support Staff (Salaries and Wages, Administrative)
  • Call Centre Staff(Agents, Supervisors, Team Leaders and Managers)
  • Receptionists, Secretaries and Clerical Staff (Financial, Administrative and Bookkeepers)

Theb benefits associated with this service include:
  • Temps are added to AGC Intotch's payroll for the duration of the assignment so as not to burden you with additional overheads as well as payroll, IR and HR responsibilities
  • Once the assignment is completed, the contract is terminated with no retrenchment or other legal implications
  • Projects can be initiated, the ground work done and the project either completed or brought to an agreed point with minimal interruption to the day-to-day focus of your permanent staff and management
  • Daily routines can be maintained during the absence of key employees
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