Talent Transition Service
Talent gap, lowering employment costs during recessionary periods and acknowledgement of the fact that the departing employees are extremely valuable alumni and also, brand ambassadors of an organization, are some of the underlying reasons organizations today are opting for outplacement service. Thus, globally outplacement has come to be recognized as an effective and best practice in the talent management cycle.

Outplacement if viewed as a key component of career management by employees and as a brand building and business referrals tool by the organizations, can prove to be a boon to the staffing industry.

An integral part of our mission of 'Shaping the world of work', our Talent Transition Services are designed & executed in a way that outplacement helps the departing employee view the change in positive light and as a stepping stone to one?s career growth. We ensure that the career transition is smooth for the individual.

We aim to cause the least possible internal disruptions in your organization and maximize personal results for the departing employees. This is the essence of our corporate philosophy of 'Good to know you' that brings us to nurturing relationships between your employee, your brand and us!

To know more about our talent transition services, please contact us at info@agcinfotech.co.in

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